A New Exciting Range of “True to Life” Animal Reproductions

For some time now we have been developing a new exciting range of true to life animal reproductions and the first animals have just been released from our care.

This new animal range encompasses domestic farm animals and some fiercely predators from the African Savannah and the tropical Asian rain forest like the rare Bengal tiger with its offspring and a primeval 12ft Nile crocodile with its awesome gape and sharp teeth.

Heinimex was very fortunate in acquiring these rare sculptured animal subjects from an Australian artist. Once again our team of dedicated Philippine craftsmen at Heinimex has captured the realism of these magnificent creatures in all their natural beauty. We have even brought back to life after 65 million years the awesome T-Rex dinosaur in its full glory, life size.

Our current collection consists of more than 30 hand painted life size animals and we are constantly adding new animals to our range.

All our animals can be placed indoors or outdoors, thanks to our special weather resistant paint produced by Heinimex. This will guarantee many years of pleasure for young and old, enhancing garden settings, theme parks, zoo’s or just as a conversation piece in your home.

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